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Print out the following form and fill it out. Make sure to reguster with SHPE and MAES as well! Their registration is on their tabs. Just click on their pictures!
HESO 2019-2020 Membership Form


Since 1975, HESO has dedicated itself to promoting excellence in engineering, science and mathematics at the University of New Mexico. We provide our members with opportunities to interact with companies and to attend various conferences that will benefit their future endeavors, in and out of college. In addition, we provide information regarding job opportunities, scholarships, mentoring, and community service.


To increase and retain the number of Hispanics, and other minorities, in Engineering, Science and Mathematics, while promoting excellence and stimulating successful partnerships with industry and the community.


HESO is a combined student chapter of two national professional organizations since the early 1980s, Latinos in Science and Engineering (formerly Society of Mexican American Engineers & Scientists (MAES)) , and Socitey of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE). Membership in our organization translates to being a student member of both MAES and SHPE.

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