HESO's Outreach - Hermanitos

The HESO Hermanitos Mentoring Program was established in the fall of 2001 at Highland High School (HHS) in Albuquerque, NM with the mission of stimulating interest in engineering, science and other technical fields among traditionally under-represented groups. The implementation of the program was made possible by the overwhelming support received from key staff members, namely counselor Carmen Graham, bilingual math teacher Marco Martínez, and bilingual science teacher Patrícia Yntema. It was immediately evident that the student body embraced this unprecedented program and was eager to do its part for its success. Through the program these students discovered a newfound possibility of attaining a higher education while expanding their minds to its corresponding benefits. Upon completion of Hermanito's inaugural year, six participating students enrolled in the University of New Mexico. These immediate, positive results are a direct reflection of the potential power of this type of outreach and are certainly encouraging. Continuing efforts will be focused on the strengthening of Hermanitos at HHS while exploring the possibility of expanding to other area high schools.

  • In 2008, Hermanitos became the first SHPE Jr. Chapter in SHPE-Region 3.
  • In the spring 2009 semester, the first spring engineering project was a team-building effort to construct a hovercraft using a variety of building materials. The UNM HESO students worked with the Hermanitos students to foster a cooperative team atmosphere that would introduce them to real-life engineering design concepts in fluid dynamic calculations building a scaled test model and building a full-sized hovercraft capable of supporting the weight of one teenager.
  • HESO won the MAES 2008-09 Outreach Award at the MAES 2009 Symposium, Nov 5th, 2009