HESO Board of Officers

    Vice President
    Advertising Chair/Secretary
    Internal Activities Coordinator
    Advertising Chair
    Academic Chair
    Corporate Contact
    Community Outreach
    Main Advisor: Steven Peralta Director of Engineering Student Services

Board Member Positions

The President is responsible for ALL business concerning the organization. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining contact with both MAES and SHPE professional chapters
  • Participating in monthly MAES conference calls (mostly just leading up to conference)
  • Writing the MAES and SHPE Year-End-Reports at the end of the spring semester
  • Communicating with other UNM student organizatins, including but not limited to: SWE, AISES, NSBE, EWEB, etc.
  • Communicating with UNM School of Engineering departments
  • Delegating tasks to the appropriate board members
  • Creating the powerpoint presentations for all general meetings
  • Assisting with the planning and organization of all HESO events

  • Vice-President

    The Vice-President is responsible for organizing all four of the annual conferences sponsored by MAES and SHPE. These include the MAES and SHPE national conferences in the fall, and the MAES Leadershp Academy conforence and SHPE Regional Leadership Development Conference in the spring. Specific responsibilites include:

    • Recruiting members to attend the conferences
    • Assisting members with registration for the conferences
    • Writing detailed budgets(including all expenses and funding) for all conferences
    • Making travel arrangements for all members attending the conferences
    • Assisting the treasurer with securing funding for the conferences
    • Assisting the President with all other HESO events (including taking over the president's position if the presiden were unable to complete the term)


    The Secretary is responsible for all record-keeping, organization, and documentation of all HESO events and members. Specific responsibilites include:

    • Ensuring that HESO is a chartered organization through the UNM Student Activities Center (rechartering must be done by early September)
    • Updating the HESO Constitution (when necessary)
    • Checking the official HESO email account and responding to/forwarding emails if necessary
    • Making sign in sheets for all HESO meetings and events
    • Typing up and sending out the minutes for all general and board meetings
    • Updating the HESO points spreadsheet
    • Maintaining the organization of the HESO Google Drive
    • Uploading all important documents(including sign in sheets, flyers, minutes, etc.) to the HESO Google Drive


    The Treasurer is responsible for all related tasks related to the funding for the organization. Specific responsibilities include:

    • Applying for a budget through ASUNM at the beginning of each semester
    • Applying for appropriation funding through ASUNM for all 4 MAES and SHPE conferences (national conferences - by mid-September, leadership conferences-by end of January)
    • Writing the SHPE National Conference Travel Gran proposal (due in early August)
    • Writing the MAES Science Extravaganza Grant proposal (due in early November)
    • Assisting the vice president with writing a budget for all conferences
    • Working with Engineering Student Services (who administrates the main HESO account) to make purchases , deposits, and organize reimbursements
    • Working with the Student Government Accounting Office (who administrates the funding from ASUNM) to make purchases and organize reimbursements
    • Find ways to save money, including organizing fundraising activities
    • Monitors the status of all HESO accounts (through ESS and SGAO)

    Internal Activities Coordinator

    The Internal Activities Coordinator is responsible for organizing and assisting with the planning of all events that are targeted towards HESO members. Specific responsibilities include:

    • Ordering, purchasing and picking up all food and drinks for the general meetings
    • Organizing monthly social events and academic activities, including bowling nights, ice cream socials, resume workshops, study groups, tutoring nights, etc.
    • Assisting the president with setting up and organizing the general meetings
    • Assisting the community outreach chairs with planning and organization of all HESO outreach events

    Advertising Chair

    The Advertising Chair is responsible for all related tasks to advertising HESO meetings, events, and social media pages. Specific responsibilities include:

    • Creating, printing, copying and distributin flyers for all HESO meetings and events
    • Working with the Student Activities Center to advertise HESO events on the TV screens in and near the SUB
    • Monitoring the official HESO social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter,etc.
    • Updating the HESO website
    • Contacting local schools to advertise all HESO outreach events, specifically Science Extravaganza

    Corporate Contact

    The corporate contacts are responsible for all tasks related to the Engineering & Science Career Fair and keeping in contact with local companies and employers. Specific responsbilities include:

    • Working with Career Services and ESS to recruit companies to participate in the Engineering & Science Career Fair(primarily done during the summer and early fall)
    • Recruitin members to volunteer at the career fair
    • Assisting the treasurer with ensuring that HESO receives the appropriate funding following the career fair
    • Finding guest speakers from local companies (such as Intel, Sandia National Labs, PNM, etc) to give presentations at HESO meeting
    • Advertising available scholarship, fellowship, internship and employment opportunities to HESO members

    Community Outreach Chairs(2)

    The community outreach chairs are responsible for organizing all outreach events, tutoring and mentoring groups, and other volunteering opportunities. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Working with SAMS Academy to organize weekly tutoring sessions
  • Working with various local schools to organize weekly tutoring, mentoring, or "Hermanitos" sessions , including Highland HS, Albuquerque HS, Sandia HS, Washington MS, etc.
  • Working with SHPE professional chapter to start SHPE Jr. Chapters at various local schools
  • Assisting with the planning and organization of all HESO outreach events, including Science Extravaganza, Noche de Ciencias, etc.
  • Finding new outreach events and volunteering opportunities for HESO to participate in