Science Extravaganza 2015

February 7, 2015

The Bottle Rocket groups from HESO's annual Science Extravaganza with schools from around the city.

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Since 1975, HESO has dedicated itself to promoting excellence in engineering, science, and mathematics at the University of New Mexico. We provide our members with opportunities to interact with companies and to attend various conferences that will benefit their future endeavors, in and out of college. In addition, we provide information regarding job opportunities, scholarships, mentoring, and community service.


To increase and retain the number of Hispanics, and other minorities, in Engineering, Science, and Mathematics, while promoting excellence and stimulating successful partnerships with industry and the community.


HESO is a combined student chapter of two national professional organizations since the early 1980s, Latinos in Science and Engineering (formerly Society of Mexican American Engineers & Scientists (MAES)), and Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE). Membership in our organization translates to being a student member of both MAES and SHPE.



Latinos in Science and Engineering

  • The Society of Mexican American Engineers and Scientists (MAES) was founded in 1974 by a group of professional engineers, for the purpose of advancing Mexican-Americans in the engineering and scientific fields. MAES is a national non-profit organization with professional and student chapters throughout the United States and Mexico. The primary mission of the Society is on of the image development. Firstly, by projecting the positive image of our members through their accomplishments, MAES will achieve its underlying mission, which is to eradicate the stereotypic perception that society has had of Mexican-Americans. Secondly, by providing a networking and nurturing environment to develop their professional image, its members have opportunities to develop and hone their leadership, communication, management, and technical skills.


Society for Hispanic Professional Engineers

  • The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) was founded in Los Angeles, California, in 1974 by a group of engineers employed by the city of Los Angeles. Their objective was to form a national organization of professional engineers to serve as role models in the Hispanic community. The concept of Networking was the key basis for the organization. SHPE quickly established two student chapters to begin the network that would grow to encompass the nation as well as reach countries outside the United States. Today, SHPE enjoys a strong but independent network of professional and student chapters throughout the nation.


HESO is involved in activities both on and off campus. Some of the activities are:


    HESO has the resources to support students, in both the high school and college levels. Active members of HESO can enjoy the benefits of an organization rich in human resources as well as the satisfaction of supporting other minorities through the hardships of college.

    High School Relations:

    HESO sponsors a day for high school students to visit UNM. During this day HESO offers demonstrations of engineering technologies, facility tours, activities, and a BBQ. Included in these activities are presentations from various departments on campus; including presentations selecting an engineering discipline, applying to UNM, and filling out Financial Aid Applications.

    Career Fair:

    HESO coordinates an annual career fair in early fall. The career fair benefits students from all disciplines of engineering and science, as well as business. Typically, the career fair attracts representatives from 50 or more companies.


    Throughout the year students are invited to attend various conferences of HESO's parent organizations. These conferences include career fairs, leadership workshops, and the annual regional and national conferences.

    Social Gatherings:

    Besides the monthly general meetings, HESO sponsors several social activities to allow members to interact on an informal basis. these events include BBQs, tailgate parties, sporting events, intramural sports, and retreats.


Networking is a valuable tool to those who have the opportunity to use it. Hearing about job opportunities, classes, and instructors are just some of the benefits of networking. Involvement in HESO allows opportunity for students to deal with professors outside the classroom setting, since professors participate in HESO functions. HESO interacts with other academic, social and professional organizations, such as Minority Engineering Programs, El Centro De La Raza, and Hispano Chamber of Commerce. HESO deals with companies and recruiters, as well as members of the local professional chapters of MAES and SHPE. In short, HESO provides opportunity for students to expand their contacts and improve on communication skills by dealing with a diversified group of people.